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Coaching Services & Test Preparation

Everyone learns differently, and for some people, the classroom setting simply isn't the best environment to achieve all their learning goals. Depend on us to supplement your child's in-school learning and propel them to academic success! Our coaching and test preparation services are available in both small groups and private one-on-one sessions—depending on how your child learns best.

Along with our independent coaching services, we're proud to be your child's trusted educational consultant and instructional coach. As an educational consultant, our chief educator Deatra works collaboratively as a team with scholars, parents, teachers, and schools to ensure the academic success of the student. As an Instructional Coach, she situates herself as a learner who models continuous improvement, lifelong learning, and goes above and beyond to ensure a student's success.

Coaching Services

Depend on STAR for academic and instructional support in all subjects for students from kindergarten to college. One of our main responsibilities is to help your scholar meet all their current grade level requirements, allowing them to advance to the next grade level. We can even provide above-grade-level services for advanced placement studies.

Regardless of where your son or daughter is on their educational journey, we help them achieve their goals. We do this by offering a variety of coaching settings, including small homework assistance groups and one-on-one sessions.

What We Provide

  • Research-Based Strategies and Methods
  • Engaging Learning Activities
  • Data-Driven Instructions

Academic and Instructional Support

  • Provide Exercises and Activities that Enhance the Learning Process
  • Provide High-Quality Instruction that Results in Increased Student Achievement

Coaching Hours

  • Monday–Friday, 3:30 p.m.–8:30 p.m
  • Saturday–Sunday by Appointment


Test Preparation Services

Tests can be nerve-racking, but with the right skills and strategies, everyone can be a test-taking master. We offer study packages and private test prep sessions that are designed to help you succeed on any upcoming test in your life, including many popular tests such as:

  • ACT
  • SAT
  • TSI
  • GED
  • HESI

Please note that all test preparation services are available every day of the week by appointment only.